Kamal Tamata

Born in Darchula, 19 years old


Studies In

BA first Year

Interest & Hobbies

Kamal likes to study Social study and wants to be a good social worker. He also likes to play with his friends. He is a good student and works hard. He is a very thoughtful boy, who can be a little shy.

Kamal is from a depressed caste family in the village of Darchula. His family suffered, as Rosani’s did, from being a lower caste in society. Depressed castes, like Kamal’s family are untouchable for the upper castes. His father works in the village and his mother works at home as a household keeper. He has 4 sisters 1 brother. He lived in a temporary house made of mud, stone, grass, and wood. His family can only grow their own crops to provide enough food for 1 months of the year. They have to go out of the country to work to earn a living. They must go to India to labor. Still they are not able to earn enough money to provide for their children. Therefore their children have a lack of education, good health treatment, etc. Problems in his remote, rural region make a good, normal life almost impossible. So the Village Development Committee recommended him to FRESH NEPAL.