Manish Chunara

Born in , 6 years old


Studies In

Interest & Hobbies

Manish is the sunshine of our home. He is always happy and smiling and spreads a positive atmosphere among all of our children. He has a kind heart and loves to play any game as long as it is outdoors. Like his bigger brother he is also a great dancer, it must lie in the family. He is currently going to class 2 and once he is grown up he wants to be a professional dancer.

Manish is Kapil`s younger brother from State No-7, a far western region of Nepal. He was living with his mother. His father went to India to find a better life and abandoned him and his mother and older brother. His mother was working in a local hotel as a cleaning lady but her low income was not enough to feed them and give the two brothers a proper education. His Mum came in contact with FRESH NEPAL and we decided to invite her and her two sons into our home. We gave her a job to be in charge of the kitchen and the maintenance of the house. Manish and his older brother Kapil are now going together with all our children to a renown private school and benefiting from an excellent education. The Bhimdatta Municipality ward No. 15, Kanchanpur, recommended him to FRESH NEPAL.