Roshani Lohar

Born in Darchula, 16 years old


Studies In

ISc. First Year

Interest & Hobbies

The village development committee recommended Roshani to FRESH NEPAL. She is very bright, and good in her class at school. She loves to play with her friends and on her own. She is a very energetic and lively. She wants to be a doctor.

She is from a depressed family in the village of Darchula. Traditionally in Nepal depressed families like Roshani’s are lower caste and thus dominated by the upper castes in their villages. In some areas the depressed castes are untouchable by the upper castes. Lower caste people are unable to read and write. Roshani’s father is a labor worker and her mother a household worker. She has 2 brothers and one small sister. They are very poor with small have a house. They cannot provide for their children. Their children did not have education, good healthcare or even enough food.