Suraj Ramdam

Born in Chitwan, years old


Graduated on

April 2017

Interest & Hobbies

Suraj is from a depressed family in the town of Chitawan. His family is also from a lower caste, traditionally untouchable to the upper castes in Nepal. Due to this discrimination Suraj’s family is unable to read and write, making it very difficult for them to earn a living.
His mum was left him at the beginning and since three year, she is with him and his father. He has two brothers and they are studying in high school. His father is labor worker as well as his mum too. They have not enough land for the food so they are having problem to have food and education. They have their temporary house at the village. He struggles even to feed his family. The village development committee recommended Suraj to FRESH NEPAL.

What are they doing now

He is studying at Chitwan because his family is capable for giving him education an proper protection.