SEE Resul of 2020 Fresh Nepal

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Dear Donors, Sponsors & Kinds Donors,
We have not wards to express that how happy we are today.
Here is one saying that if you plant a seed and take care normally it gives you best harvest.
We are very happy today that our children got good marks on their SEE result.
Anjila Gurung, Sitala Dhamala, Dinesh Mahata, and Govin Tamata pass their SEE. All the grades are given below on the photos.
As you knew that we are taking care of these children since we established.
From your great support we are able to take care of these children and they are giving us very good result through the education, Behavior as well as from their health.
We heartily giving thanks to Mission Muskaan, Trellis Arch and all the donors and sponsors who are directly and indirectly involved in Fresh Nepal.
We extremely giving thanks to our loved people friends and brother sisters from Europe, America as well as HK for your support in this humanitarian deeds,
Lots of love to you all for your generous support.


Dev Raj Tamata