We can make "Smiles" And we are doing it everyday

"Education is the Light for Dark, Weapon for War, Way for Progress & Dream for Dreamers"

Dev Ram Tamata

We invest in the next generation and a better future for Nepal

A good education is something every child should have access to regardless of its family background, caste or social class they come from. Here at FRESH NEPAL our main aim is to provide excellent education for the children so that they will have all the best qualifications for a bright and successful future. As education being an integral part of our life, spreading awareness about education will support development in education system and more opportunities for children to study. FRESH NEPAL is devoting a major part of its work and efforts on a good education for all needy, helpless, underprivileged, poverty suffered and abandoned children.

Over 200 children have been helped through FRESH NEPAL

Since 2006 when FRESH NEPAL was established we helped more than 200 children in Nepal with providing them educational scholarships, school uniforms, stationaries and other school necessities.

Currently there are 18 children, who live permanently in the “Children Home”, one of the main projects of FRESH NEPAL. Those children are provided with a warm and loving home, three healthy meals a day, excellent education and health care. The long term goal of FRESH NEPAL is to encourage all our children to become confident, productive and self-supporting members of our society and Nation.


of the donations and funds go directly to the children in form of food, a warm and safe home, excellent education, nurturing their individual talents and interests and a proper health care.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

- Nelson Mandela


Help us in our journey to build better future for our kids & for better society.

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