About us

Our Mission

FRESH NEPAL’s “Children Home” is a family-run home where we live together as a big family and care about the children as if they were our own. We raise them in a warm and loving home as valuable individuals and important parts of our community. We support and nurture each child’s individual talents and interests by providing them for example with singing lessons, Taekwondo or dancing classes or arts and crafts workshops. Our core value is to provide the children with a safe and loving home, excellent education and health care. Our aim is to teach and encourage the children to find their own purpose in life and become confident, self-supporting and responsible adults who make their dreams of a better future come true.

Our Values


The project is supported by providing training competencies and knowledge in order to encourage our children to develop and improve their own skills and talents.


The project is committed to honor moral, ethical, spiritual and artistic values and principles.


The project is monitored on a monthly basis by an independent external auditor. Semiannual and annual reports are prepared and submitted to the corresponding parties.


The project aims to improve all the internal procedures and processes in order to enlarge the organization and to provide children with a better education for their future.

Our Achievements

  • We created a safe and stable family home for 18 underprivileged children
  • We raised funds from international organizations to provide our children with healthy nutritious food, excellent education and healthcare
  • We welcomed over 100 international volunteers into our home and given each a life-enriching experience
  • We organized ‘Health Camps’ in the rural areas of Nepal where international doctors and nurses provided free medical treatment for the underprivileged local people
  • With the help of dentists from Thailand we organized a dental day in Kathmandu where many children from the neighborhood received free dental treatment
  • We distributed donations of warm clothes and school stationeries to the children in the rural villages in the western part of Nepal.

Our Objectives

To protects the life, provides safe place and  secures the quality education for children with living condition of poor, discriminated, orphans, helpless, abandoned and disabilities

Our Goal

To encourage the children to move in the right direction, that helps them to get better opportunities in future.  Fresh Nepal wants to make a plan to support the success of the lifestyle of backward people in the society.

Always Committed to

We are respectful

We have fun

We love what we do

We work hard and smart

We do great things

We communicate and listen

We are helpful

We stay positive

We strive for excellence

—-We are a TEAM—-