First Volunteer After COVID-19

By Dev | March 9, 2021

After long time we are able to get new volunteer from France. There was COVID-19, therefore, It was the very bad cause to do new things for the people who are really interesting to do new things for the people, community as well needy. But we Fresh Nepal family is able to have new volunteer…

Lock-down of COVID-19

By Dev | September 1, 2020

No matter, what you are doing? But it needs to be worthy. Worthy means, it could be economically, mentally, physically or morally. But it’s worthy deed for the children while there is lock-down because of COVID-19. Children are doing handicraft inside of the organization.  Mainly girls are doing it from their heart. Dhana, the Admin…

College Children 2020/2021

By Dev | August 30, 2020

Dear Donors, sponsors, kind donors & well-wishers, We are very happy to share this good news with you of the children from Fresh Nepal. As I had shared the results of the children who had pass School Education Examination this year on the Facebook page as well as on the website of the organization. In…

SEE Resul of 2020 Fresh Nepal

By Dev | August 22, 2020

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Dear Donors, Sponsors & Kinds Donors, We have not wards to express that how happy we are today. Here is one saying that if you plant a seed and take care normally it gives you best harvest. We…

Progresses (Game and School).

By Dev | November 23, 2019

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” We are very happy to share the news about our children who are under care of the organization. they had participated on the inter school futsal game and they won first runner up and best player too. here we…

Futsal Tournament from The School

By Dev | November 8, 2019

Fresh Nepal Children Home kids participated on the #Nuwagi_Cup_Futsal_Season_4. Our children from Fresh Nepal, Sanju, Srijana, Sristy & Anjila Participated on the game. Below there is the progress. 2 wins in a row Bluebird school 2 – 0 Zenith academy Bluebird school 3 – 0 High view school Goal scorer Srijana Tamata – 4 Anjila…

Thanks to Mission Muskaan for Dashain

By Dev | October 20, 2019

Thanks to Mission Muskaan for Dashain   We are heartily giving thanks to Mission Muskaan for its great help on Dashain. From Mission Muskaan Help we had able to celebrate Dashain the biggest festival of Nepal. From the donation we had paid two months house rent and able to pay for the expenses of the Dashain…

Thank you Trellis Arch and it’s Team

By Dev | October 18, 2019

Thanking letter for Trellis Arch. Love from Fresh Nepal.

Table Tennis Tournament

By Dev | August 25, 2019

We always very happy through the children of Fresh Nepal. They do not know that what is loose. In the school, they always got good position, in the different game they been the first, second, never loose. Yesterday, in the school there was an inter-school table tennis tournament. The children from Fresh Nepal participated in…

Urgent Request for Medical Help.

By Dev | August 24, 2019

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”  We are very sad to say, but pleased too, to update you regarding our happiness & sadness. Normally we have many extra activities for the child entertainments at Fresh Nepal as most of the kind people and ex volunteers, visitors knew. Children…