Health Care Project

One of the main intentions of FRESH NEPAL is to bring proper medical care into the rural areas and provide good health care and treatment for the poor and underprivileged people who cannot afford the consultation and treatment fee at the district hospital. Due to the steep mountain terrain in most rural areas in Nepal there are no hospitals to take care of the local people. And in order to have access to proper medical care people from the villages have to walk between one or two days across high mountains to reach to the next city with a hospital.

In order to provide a proper medical treatment to the people in the villages we dedicate a lot of time and effort in our Health Care Project. The main idea of this project is to find doctors and nurses from around the world who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise and set up a ‘Health Camp’ in the rural areas of Nepal. Our aim is to organize those ‘Health Camps’ at least twice a year and give proper medical treatment and medicine to the local people.

In the past we organized two Health Camps in the western part of Nepal in a village called Darchula. In 2015 we cooperated with Doctors and nurses from Spain who came to Nepal and set up a Health Camp in the village for 3 weeks and gave free medical consultation, treatment and medicine to the local people. In those 3 weeks we have been able to treat up to 1500 people who came from many different villages in the area. In 2013 we organized a Health Camp for 2 weeks and provided free medical care and medicine for around 900 people. The treatment that has been offered by the doctors and nurses ranged from simple consultations, prescribing medication and dietary and hygienic advice up to small operations and delivering newborn babies.

For these health camps we always search for national or international doctors and nurses who are willing to dedicate 2-3 weeks of their time to help the poor people in need. Unfortunately after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 it became much more difficult to find doctors and nurses who are interested in coming to Nepal and to find donations for the medical equipment and medication for our Health Camps.

Nevertheless our long term aim is to build a hospital in the western part of Nepal which provides free medical treatment for the poor families in the rural areas.