Table Tennis Tournament

We always very happy through the children of Fresh Nepal. They do not know that what is loose. In the school, they always got good position, in the different game they been the first, second, never loose.

Yesterday, in the school there was an inter-school table tennis tournament. The children from Fresh Nepal participated in the game from the school; they all able to win the Gold Medal, from the girl Angila Gurung, Sitala Dhamal and Srijana tamata got a gold medal and from the boys Govin Tamata and Dinesh Mahatta got the gold medal.

We Heartily giving thanks to Mission Muskaan & its sponsors, Trellis Arch & its Team, Roger brother, Ben brother, Klaudia, Charissa, Lisa Tribuzio, Sophia, Robert and Lena, Gruba, Borna and Hari puri, Julia, and all the kind people who are directly and indirectly involved with Fresh Nepal.

We are giving thanks to Blue Bird School who gave the children that big opportunity from the school.



Dev Raj Tamata