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Susmita Tamrakar

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Susmita is good to play with her friends. She is very happy to play Taekwondo. She just started the game to play with her friends inside of Fresh Nepal. She loves to dance. She is studying in class UKG.

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Susmita was born on Nov. 05, 2012. She is a child from poverty suffered family. She is also from a discriminated caste family. Her father and mother are physically helpless. Her father is blind from the start of his life and her mother is disabled by her legs both legs are burn when she was small child and the legs were cut at the ankle by the doctor. They are staying in the landless people champ. They beg to the people to feed their children and their self. They have 5 children. Susmita is one of them. Then the Rural Municipality of Nepal recommended her to FRESH NEPAL for her protection and care.