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Sujan Lama

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My Interest & Hobbies

Sujan is our little sports enthusiast. He is very passionate about Taekwondo and invests most of his energy and time into his practice. In his young age he has achieved already the Black Belt in Taekwondo. If he is not practicing his Martial Arts he will for sure be playing football. In the future he wants to be a football player… or a Taekwondo Master, well, he is still undecided about that. He is studying in class 7.

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More about Me

Sujan was born on Mar. 08, 2008 nad has also been recued by Maelle Viollet, President of Mission Muskaan, from a child labor factory. He was suffering from the hard labor working conditions in the factory which is why the two members of Mission Muskaan have rescued him. His father is an alcoholic and his mother has passed away already. His father is not in touch with him anymore and even lost touch with his relatives. No one knows where he is at the moment. He was recommended by the Village Development Committee Dhaibung Rasuwa to FRESH NEPAL to take care of him