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Anjila Gurung

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My Interest & Hobbies

She is a smiley, happy child who does as she is told (most of the time!). She likes to playread and play foot ball. She wants to be a physiotherapist in the future. She is a very eager learner and learns fast. She is very good student.

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Anjila is born on Oct. 21, 2002. She is a semi-orphan; her father left Anjila and her mother when her mother was pregnant. It is unknown where he is. Her mother is too poor to give her a proper education care. In her village they have no land for agriculture, so it is difficult to make a living. She is an only child and was abandoned by her mother. She was in the care of her mother’s sister, who applied to the Social Welfare Council for her protection, since she was unable to take care for her own children and Anjila as well. The Social Welfare Council then recommended Anjila to us for her protection.