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Dinesh Mahata

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Dinesh is very friendly and kind. He likes to play football and table tennis with his friends. He respects his elders. He attended 12th exam (Management faculty). He loves to draw. He wants to be a Bank Manager once he graduated from college.

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Dinesh was born on Dec. 01, 2002 and is from a hilly region in Nepal.  The geography of the area causes many problems for the people.  Flooding in the area in 2008 left both his parents badly injured.  They were taken by neighbors to a hospital, but his father lost both legs and his mother lost one leg.  They consequentially lost their home and property. His parents are unable to do anything.  Dinesh also has two brothers which his parents care for.  The Village Development Committee and District Children Welfare board of Darchula recommended him to FRESH NEPAL for his protection and education.  His brothers are also waiting for the help.  We are unable to get the funds to help them at the present time.