Hi, My name is

Govin Tamata

My age:


I Study In

Grade 9

My Interest & Hobbies

Govin can be shy initially, but he has a cheeky smile and can be mischievous! He likes to play with his friends and also enjoys studying and foot ball playing. He is an intelligent boy. He wants to be a vet. doctor.

Date of Graduation

What am I Doing right now

More about Me

Govin is born on Nov. 01, 2003 and is also from the poor village of Darchula. His father is a farmer in the village, but he does not own a lot of land. He is also unable to produce enough food. His mother is a Household keeper and he has 5 sisters one brother. They have a temporary house made of mud, stone, grass, and wood in the village. Govin’s parent also go to India to do labor work, but in spite of this still cannot afford to provide for their children. The village development committee recommended him to FRESH NEPAL.