Janak Tamata

Born in Darchula, 19 years old


Studies In

BBS first year

Interest & Hobbies

He is a good student. He likes to study Accountant and later he would like to contribute to his country. He also likes to play sports and games with his friends. Now he is studying in class 12. He wants to be a Bank manager.

Janak is also from a depressed family in Darchula. His family is from a lower caste, which is ‘untouchable’ to the upper castes in some areas. This results in low levels of literacy amongst the lower castes. Janak’s father is a labor worker and his mother is a household keeper. He has 5 sisters. He has a temporary house made of mud, stone, grass, and wood with no land for the cultivation of food. His parents go to India as labor workers. Although they work hard they cannot provide for their children. The Village Development Committee recommended him to Fresh Nepal for study and protection.