College Children 2020/2021

Dear Donors, sponsors, kind donors & well-wishers,

We are very happy to share this good news with you of the children from Fresh Nepal. As I had shared the results of the children who had pass School Education Examination this year on the Facebook page as well as on the website of the organization.

In this deed you all have big contribution for the children even it was directly or indirectly that you are involving. We Fresh Nepal family, heartily giving thanks to you.

Here I am sharing the needed things of the children for their new college education for everyone. The children are already passed their faculty Entrance examination last week. From next week or September-15, 2020 they will have online classes.

Therefore, the children need the books as well as other stationaries for the classes. Without books and stationaries there will be problems to make copies for their further studies. So hope that every Donors, sponsors, kind donors & well-wishers will do something for their needed things.

Lots of love and greeting from Nepal.

Stay safe and take care.